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Personalized lifestyle and fitness coaching


Our mission is to guide individuals on their path of self-improvement through education of movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset, implemented with the most convenient services applicable to the individual.

Our coaches are certified to coach you either remotely, in the comfort of your own home or at a private facility.

If you’re looking to increase muscle and bone density, lose fat, get stronger, improve muscle definition, move freely, be faster, beat stress, build confidence or any combination of these, we can guide you to success!

We believe in lifelong success over quick fix solutions. There is a lot of nonsense out there in the health and fitness industry that promises quick solutions. We value honesty and will provide you with the healthiest, science-proven methods to obtain your goals. 


Having personally experienced the immense benefits of regular exercise, we are excited to share this experience with you!


Many find working with a trainer is the biggest factor towards success. We can keep you accountable and ensure your workouts are safe and effective.


Between us, we have flexibility to fit in your one-on-one training sessions! We will pair you with the trainer that best fits your schedule and needs! We can bring equipment to your home and use yours.


Please get in touch for pricing as program needs are individual. Your quote will reflect the frequency of your one-on-one training sessions plus the depth of your programming.


Why not drop us a line and let us know your reasons for reaching out? We look forward to hearing from you!


Remote Coaching

Level-up your fitness with tailored programming, nutritional guidance & regular remote check-ins. 


1on1 Coaching

Attain your fitness goals with highly specific tools designed for you! 

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Group Fitness

Get your family and friends involved to adapt better habits together! 


Meet The Coaches


Alejandro Cena

Trec Fit Lab  , private gym in Macewan or can travel to you!

With over eight years of health and fitness coaching experience, Alejandro is your strength and conditioning specialist. He is certified in American Council of Exercise (ACE) and has completed specific courses including Olympic Weightlifting and Nutrition. He is an avid researcher and keen to bring you only the most updated truths through the noise of the fitness industry!


Audrey Forrest


Calgary based mobile trainer that comes to your home and/or workplace!

Audrey has over three years’ experience helping new fitness goers take the first steps towards their goals. She is passionate about helping women specifically overcome their hurdles and emphasizes the power of mindset and functional training for her clients. She is CanFit Pro certified and undergoing Precision Nutrition Certification Level 1.


I've been training with Alejandro for over three years and in that time he has constantly been taking courses to expand his knowledge and learning how to better help me and all of his clients through different forms of training and nutrition. He has been completely flexible with helping me achieve my goals through the ups and downs of busy work schedules and super collaborative in the challenges of training in 2020. Training with Alejandro will always be worthwhile. He is always working to create new resources for his clients to give them value beyond one hour of one on one time. 


Client for over 4 years

Alejandro is the reason why I have continue to train with him. An all rounded coach, his knowledge is extensive as it is evident through the training sessions. Alejandro also speaks to the importance of proper nutrition. What is interesting to me is how much my fitness has evolved since training with Alejandro. We work on strength, building core, gaining mobility and cardio. And he always emphasizes how important it is to maintain good form. He motivates me to challenge myself. He is open, flexible, easy to talk to and invested as ever, helping clients reach their fitness goals. Alejandro, you are for sure an inspiration to me!


Client for over 4 years


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We are excited to meet you and get started!

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